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    Coupon organizers keep coupon clippings, gift cards, and the week's best deals at your fingertips. Some take the form of small pouches with dividers, while others resemble notebooks with cash envelopes and space for receipts.

    Cash envelopes allow you to spend money allocated for gas, fun, or shopping, and keep receipts all in one place. If you’re a coupon clipper or savvy spender, these tools for organizing your finances help you stay on track and nab the best deals.

    If left to their own devices, coupons can become wallet-hogging bundles that fade and crumple themselves out of existence. To put them to use and save money, consider these tips.

    • Use expiration dates as an organization system, and set more quickly-expiring coupons at the front so they stay top of mind and have a higher chance of being used first.
    • Purge your coupon organizer regularly. Collecting stacks of expired coupons bogs down the process instead of making it a fun shopping experience. Choose a convenient time, like during a weekly show or a lazy Sunday afternoon to zip through them. Try to make purging a habit each time you add a new weekly collection.
    • Make a plan for your shopping excursion as you clip and organize. Knowing what is on sale and what you need can make shopping a breeze before you even step foot in the store.
    • Write the expiration date on the front of the coupon in an easy-to-read location. Hunting through those fine prints can be taxing and expiration dates are always moving around. Look once and then write it down so you won’t have to spend time at checkout looking for them, or worse, having your coupons rejected.
    • Save receipts in your coupon organizer and copy them into a budget binder at the end of each month. Reward yourself for a month well done or drop that extra cash into a piggy bank and watch your savings grow.

    You don’t need to cut down on social time or freeze your bank cards in ice to save money. Couponing encourages you to look for deals and engage in your spending habits. Arranging your coupons in a sleek coupon organizer for your wallet or purse makes the activity stress-free and fashionable. The practice will help you become more conscious of your spending, you’ll gain a stylish new fashion accessory, and best of all, you get to keep doing the things that make you happy.