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    A wallet has its advantages, but if you like keeping things light and simple, consider a money clip. A money clip allows you to carry your cash in an organized, contained way. With a money clip, you’re leaving the house with just what you need. You don’t need all of your points cards, debit and credit cards, and punch cards for the local cafe every time you go out. Plus, there are money clips that can carry cards as well, so if you want to bring a credit card and ID along with your cash, you can do it without bringing an overstuffed wallet.

    There’s a wide range of styles and designs to consider when choosing money clips. Materials, functionality, and personalization are all up for grabs. Here are a few options to keep in mind when selecting your money clip:

    Basic money clips: A traditional, basic money clip is a simple clip designed to hold some cash. If you don’t need to bring anything else with you, a traditional money clip is simplistic and elegant. It also brings some old school swagger to your cash experience. You’ll typically find basic clips offered in a range of metals, such as stainless steel, brass, or silver money clips. Magnetic money clips provide a tight hold without worry of the clip getting deformed.

    Card holder money clips: If you want to bring more than just cash, a money clip card holder will be for you. Sometimes referred to as a wallet money clip, these carriers usually consist of a clip for cash with a few additional slots for cards. Being a cross between a money clip and wallet, you’ll most often find metal or leather money clip card holders. For everyday use, if you only need a few cards, a card holder money clip will serve you well.

    Money clip designs: Money clips come in all sorts of designs. Choose between sport themes, Indigenous or Celtic artwork, dollar signs, skulls, and slogans, just to name a few.

    Personalized money clips: Make your clip uniquely yours with a custom money clip. Options range from initial engraved money clips, to full names, to heartfelt messages to a loved one. Want to really make your money clip personal? Consider a photo, perhaps of your spouse, your kids, or your pet. The multitude of ways to make a custom money clip truly personal makes them great gifts. Or, give a personalized money clip as a groomsman gift to show your appreciation for the guys who stand beside you on your big day.