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    Baby bibs help keep dribbled milk and food off of your baby’s skin and cute onesies during feeding time. Baby drool bibs are great if you have a child that is teething, or is just a little drooly in general. Depending on your baby, you may go through several bibs in a day, so make sure you have plenty handy. Stock a few on hand and in your diaper bag to make sure you’re ready for any spills.

    Etsy sellers make all sorts of adorable baby bibs, with baby bib patterns that range from simple and sweet to flashy and unique. Here are a few popular types of baby bibs to choose from.

    • Baby bandana bibs: These are shaped like a triangle to cover a larger area below the chin where most spills happen.
    • Personalized baby bibs: Some Etsy sellers make bibs with your baby’s name stitched or printed on them. They also make great gifts for new parents.
    • Custom baby bibs: Work with an Etsy seller to design a custom bib with your own phrase, photo, logo, or other design of your choice to add an extra special touch to feeding time.
    • Baby smock bibs: These are more like a shirt that ties around the back and offers extra coverage for your baby’s clothes and soft skin.
    • Baby burp cloths: Burp cloths are a must-have to protect your clothes and keep things neat and tidy after feeding.

    There’s no right or wrong amount of baby bibs to have in your collection—it depends on your little one and your lifestyle. If you plan to do laundry pretty frequently, then a handful should be enough. If you prefer to do the wash once or twice per week, then it’s more convenient to have a bigger stock on hand. Other factors, like frequency of feeding and the amount of drool, will help you determine how many baby bibs you need.