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    For many, bath time is sacred, and the right bath accessories make all the difference. Perhaps baths are your time to relax, recharge, and be alone. For others, a bath or shower is a basic necessity, something short and sweet before moving on with the day. Whether you’re the fast in-and-out type or the luxurious lounger, make the most of your time in the water with bath accessories from sellers on Etsy.

    Accessories from shops on Etsy can help give you the experience you’re looking for.

    • Loofahs: Looking to bring some exfoliation to your life? Loofahs are sponges that exfoliate while you wash your body. Get rid of that top layer of skin so the healthy skin can shine through.
    • Poufs: Poufs are a lot like loofahs, but frillier and softer. Some prefer the appearance of a pouf. Others like the softness for a gentler exfoliation experience.
    • Sponges and body brushes: Sponges provide yet another soft way of lathering yourself up while providing light exfoliation. Brushes can reach your back and other tough places, thanks to the handle. The bristles on brushes tend to be tougher than a sponge for those who prefer deeper exfoliation.
    • Washcloths: Soft yet gently exfoliating, washcloths serve many purposes. Whether you need a good scrub, a quick face washup before bed, or even a fast counter swipe, washcloths are easy to throw in the wash so you can be confident they’re clean for your next use.

    All sorts of accessories can take bathing beyond mere scrubbing. To ensure your whole bath or shower experience is always as wonderful as possible, here are some ideas for bath accessories:

    • Soap dishes: If you prefer a bar of soap over liquid, a soap dish is invaluable for corralling your soap so it doesn’t slip away. The shops on Etsy do it in style. Tip: Pick up a wooden soap dispenser for a warm yet rustic look.
    • Soap dispensers: If you like liquid soap, go for a refillable soap dispenser. Find the perfect design to match your space. There are even personalized soap dispensers on Etsy, adding a custom touch to your shower or sink area.
    • Bath trays and holders: To get the most out of your bath, consider a bath tray. A bath tray sits above your bath to hold books, food, candles, and drinks. A bubble bath with a wine bath tray is a great way to wind down at the end of the day.