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  • Learn More About Fragrances

    Fragrance perfumes often contain blends of specialized scents created to evoke a certain image or feeling. Fragrance oils fall into four general scent families:

    • Amber: Herbs and spices with warm, exotic notes of resin
    • Woodsy: Dry, mossy notes reminiscent of lush woods and grasses
    • Florals: Flowers and scented powders; very popular
    • Fresh: Bright, clean notes—for example, citrus fruits, water, or laundry

    The sellers on Etsy offer an enormous selection of men’s and women’s fragrances made with tried-and-true practices and ingredients.

    Shops on Etsy have fragrances of all different types:

    • Essential oil: Essential oils, also known as perfume extracts, carry the pure scent of flowers, plants, food, etc. These get mixed with a base of water or alcohol.
    • Perfume: Perfume is the most highly concentrated form and can last for a whole day. Its base generally has a lower alcohol content.
    • Eau de parfum: Eau de parfum usually lasts six to eight hours.
    • Eau de toilette: Usually sold in spray bottles, eau de toilette is a light formula that typically lasts only a few hours. It’s one of the most popular types of fragrances.
    • Eau de cologne: Eau de cologne is a fragrance with the lowest concentration of essential oils, dissipating the quickest out of any fragrance. Though cologne is typically thought of as being only for men, many women’s colognes exist, too.

    Yes! Smell is the sense most closely linked to memory, which is why fragrance sprays and oils make such intimate gifts. The next time you and your partner celebrate an anniversary, surprise them with a custom-blended body spray fragrance that instantly calls to mind a specific adventure you’ve shared. And when doesn’t your mom deserve a present out of the blue? Give her the vintage fragrance favorite she’s been hunting down for years.

    Old or new, oil or spray, custom creation or popular blend, the fragrances available from shops on Etsy will tickle your nose and your fancy.