Shower Caps

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    Shower caps, or bath caps, are specialized hats for keeping hair from getting wet while bathing or showering. Moisture and wetness can cause untameable frizz, and some hair styles need careful attention to hold their shape around water. Using a shower cap can keep your hair in place. Both fabric and plastic shower caps are popular and typically reusable, giving you a great way to keep your hairstyle in place while getting dressed or when pulling your hair off of your face while filming your next makeup tutorial.

    Kitsch shower caps with whimsical patterns will delight someone who takes their hair—but not themselves—seriously. For someone with long, flowing locks or a luscious mane of curls, extra large shower caps offer more coverage. Smaller versions work well for kids or people with shorter hair. Work with shops on Etsy to design a personalized shower cap emblazoned with your name, or find the vintage shower cap for Mom that she’s been hunting for. Find an assortment of cute shower caps on Etsy that bring a cheery vibe to your getting-ready routine.

    Shower caps have many other uses besides just covering your hair. For some other not-so-obvious uses for shower caps around the house, consider these ideas:

    • Shoe covers: Maybe you’re heading out on a trip or you need to prevent dirt and mud from being tracked everywhere. Using shower caps as shoe covers in luggage or at the front door makes for a tidy practice.
    • Jewelry case: Keep your jewelry all in one place while protecting from potential damage by using a shower cap as a compact and collapsible jewelry case.
    • Kitchen mixer: If you’re worried about dust collecting inside your mixing bowls and accumulating on your attachments, use a shower cap to seal them off from contaminants. In a pinch, plastic shower caps work to cover rising dough, too.