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  • Learn More About Wigs

    Wigs come in many styles and applications, but most wigs for women and men fall into the following five categories:

    • Lace: A lace wig features a sheer mesh lace base to help it blend with the scalp. The hair fibers are tied individually to the lace, creating a natural look.
    • Monofilament: Mimicking natural hair, a monofilament wig has individual hair fibers tied to a thin, gauze-like base.
    • Headband: Headband wigs include headbands or wraps at the front. These glueless wigs easily swap out to change your look. Many braided wigs feature headband fronts.
    • Combination: Combination wigs have a mix of machine-sewn wefts and hand-tied hair fibers. The top, crown, and sections near the part are hand-sewn.
    • Capless: Capless wigs—sometimes called wefted or open-cap wigs—feature machine-sewn wefts attached to stretchy wig caps. These glueless wigs often come with store-bought costumes and make great wigs for kids.
    • Polyurethane thin-skin: A poly or thin-skin wig includes a polyurethane scalp base made to look like a natural scalp. It’s typically easier to attach with wig adhesive or tape because these products bond well to the base.

    In addition to countless colors, styles, lengths, and constructions, wigs come in a range of materials.

    • Synthetic hair: Synthetic wigs use fibers comparable to human hair to create a similar look at a lower cost.
    • Human hair: Human hair wigs look natural and can be washed, colored, and styled.
    • Novelty: Think tinsel, yarn, and feathers. Novelty and costume wigs can be made of any material that mimics hair. They make fun additions to costumes and cosplay.

    Wigs work best when paired with the right tools and accessories. Check out these products from sellers on Etsy to get the most out of your wig-wearing experience:

    • Wig cap: Wig caps are stretchy, breathable caps designed to match your scalp color and hold down existing hair.
    • Wig comb: Wig combs are gentle on wig strands, allowing you to detangle without damage.
    • Spray bottle: A spray bottle filled with diluted shampoo, conditioner, or fabric softener is an easy way to refresh a wig’s shape and style.
    • Hangers: A wig hanger helps preserve the shape of your wig between uses.
    • Adhesive: Wig adhesive helps your wig stay in place long-term and comes in many forms, such as tape, spray, and brushes.

    A wig can be a versatile, fashionable accessory. Whether you’re stepping out for a night on the town, finishing your cosplay costume for the convention, or boosting your confidence at the office, wigs allow you to transform yourself. Wear a silver tinsel wig to a holiday party. Don that neon mohawk-style man’s wig for the karaoke contest. Choose a carefully crafted custom wig to bring a sense of peace and normalcy during an illness. No matter your reason for wearing a wig, sellers on Etsy have curated collections to help you feel 100% you.