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  • Learn More About Hair Care

    Whether you want healthier, shinier hair or a fun new hairstyle, sellers on Etsy have your hair care must-haves, hair styling essentials, and all the hair accessories you need to create your signature look.

    Keep your hair happy and healthy with the right shampoos, conditioners, and treatments for your hair type. Browse the selection on Etsy for shampoos with gentle, all-natural ingredients that smell divine and leave your hair soft. Cut down on waste and packaging by switching to shampoo bars.

    Next, give your hair the love it deserves with conditioners and treatments made from essential oils that will get it glowing. Hair growth sprays, for example, are growing in popularity among those seeking longer, thicker locks.

    Mix things up for different occasions with hair styling products that can help you get the look you want. Stock up on some of these essentials:

    • Brushes and combs: Before you start styling, get the knots and kinks out with a good brush or comb.
    • Curlers: Hair curlers and curling irons give you gorgeous, shiny ringlets.
    • Straighteners: Going for a sleek look? Pick up some hair-straightening tools and products such as a flat iron and smoothing cream.
    • Hair sprays: Hair sprays come in lots of variants: moisturizers, leave-in conditioners, texturizers, and more.
    • Waxes and gels: Keep your hair exactly how you want it with styling products such as waxes and gels that use natural ingredients for a strong hold.

    When you're itching to change things up, some hair dye and color might be just the thing. Find everything from natural shades to eye-catching stunners like bright red and electric blue.

    Henna hair dyes are particularly popular for getting a deep, rich, natural color that lasts. Henna also contains vitamin E, which leaves hair feeling soft.

    Alternatively, hair chalks are a great solution for short-term color that washes right out.

    Hair accessories open up new possibilities for playing with your hairstyles. Use hair pins and hair ties to keep styles in place, and use embellishments such as hair clips and decorative combs for some extra flair. Or, for a quick and simple casual look, you can't go wrong with a stylish headband. Finally, don't forget about shower caps, which keep your hair dry and your style protected—especially handy if you don’t wash your locks every day.

    Change up your look in one fell swoop with hair extensions or a wig. Most hair extensions make natural hair appear longer and fuller, but products such as feather hair extensions act more like decorative accessories. On the other hand, wigs hide all your hair and allow you to take on a completely different color and style. Many people also wear wig caps to keep hair tucked away and wigs in place.