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  • Learn More About Soaps

    If you’re looking for soaps that simply clean hands or the whole body, Etsy has you covered. These soaps will work for baths, showers, or next to the sink. Here are the main body soaps primarily meant for cleaning:

    • Bar soaps: Essential to the classic bathing experience, bar soap cleans both hands and body, often with fewer ingredients than its counterparts. On Etsy, you’ll find a huge selection of bar soaps in scents such as lavender and vanilla, as well as shapes such as flowers and holiday items.
    • Body washes and liquid soaps: Body washes and liquid soaps are great alternatives to bar soaps. In fact, some people prefer sharing a bottle over sharing a bar. Body washes can be multipurpose, to boot: Some also serve as shampoo, conditioner, or moisturizer.

    A warm bath is nice, but elegant soap additions transform a regular bath into something befitting a royal. Here are some great soap items for baths:

    • Bath bombs: Bath bombs add fizz and can contain salts or oils to help you relax and to condition your skin. Choose from all kinds of colors, designs, and additives such as glitter.
    • Bath oils: Bath oils add aromatherapy to your home spa experience. They hydrate your skin and delight your senses with a pleasant aroma.
    • Bath salts and scrubs: Many people find bath salts soothing, which can help with aches, pains, and skin irritations. In contrast, invigorating scrubs help exfoliate that layer of dead skin. Your skin will appreciate either form of TLC.
    • Bubble bath: Bubble baths are relaxing and just plain fun at any age. The bubbles even help keep the bath warm by forming an insulating layer.
    • Sachets and soaks: For a different kind of soothing bath experience, consider sachets and soaks. You’ll find many that use herbs and teas to produce an all-natural, aromatic symphony.