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    Spa kits and gifts are carefully curated collections of self-care products designed to promote peace and relaxation. Sellers on Etsy have created a range of delightful spa kit gifts to match the personalities and preferences of everyone on your gift list. Below are a few of the most popular spa kit themes:

    • Face and beauty: A face and beauty spa kit features products to restore a healthy glow, such as face masks, scrubs, lip balms, and eye creams.
    • Hair care: Hair care spa kits and gifts include items to make your mane feel smooth and luxurious. Think hair masks, scalp scrubs, and leave-in treatments.
    • Mani and pedi: Manicure and pedicure spa kits have items to refresh your hands and feet. They typically include hand and foot scrubs, buffers, pumice stones, moisturizers, and beneficial oils and balms.
    • For men: Men's spa kits include many of the same items as traditional spa kits but with scents more commonly associated with masculinity. They feature musk balms, beard oils, scalp treatments, and ultramoisturizing creams for rough skin.
    • Tween and teen: Spa kits for teens feature colors, smells, products, and trinkets popular with the youngs—from bath bombs to handmade chapsticks to chocolates.

    What goes best in a spa kit or gift depends on who’s receiving it. To choose a spa kit, focus on the person you’re buying for. What would help them feel most relaxed and pampered?

    • An at-home spa day kit makes for a grateful new mom.
    • Grab a facial spa kit for someone who always likes to look their best.
    • Spoil your deserving mom with a bath spa kit.
    • Celebrate your friend’s self-exploration with a starter spa kit full of goodies to try out.
    • Give your hard-working partner a hand and foot spa kit to relieve their tired limbs.

    If the DIY bug is biting, make your own custom spa kit with handmade items from artisans on Etsy.

    Encouraging self-care and respite from a busy schedule tells someone you truly care. No matter what you decide to include in your spa gift, you’ll find everything you need from sellers on Etsy.