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    Blank books—like sketchbooks, notepads, and planners, are intentionally blank and waiting for you to fill their pages. A blank book offers an empty canvas to scrawl all of your wild and wonderful ideas, like personal goals, inspirational quotes, or those ever-important notes to self.

    Planners aren’t completely blank—they’re laid out like a calendar to help you keep track of school meetings, exams, job interviews, children’s sports games, music lessons, meal planning, and anniversaries. There’s often a grid of some sort to help you get organized.

    Choose novelty stationery like a leather journal to keep all your ideas accessible and in one place. Display it openly as decor on a coffee table to share your designs, or keep it hidden in a side table for your eyes only.

    The possibilities are endless for blank books, but here are a few ideas to help get you started:

    • Use blank recipe books to write down your genius kitchen ideas. Remember that delicious meal you made once by accident and then forgot how you did it? Next time, write it down as you go and you’ll be impressing your guests for years to come. Fill a blank recipe book with recipes for your kid’s favorite meals for when they leave the nest.
    • Make a visitor log to record guests’ names and sentiments at big events like weddings or gender reveals. Sign one and leave it behind the next time you summit a mountain or stay at a far-out cabin, then return someday to see who else stopped by.
    • Blank comic books let you add dialogue and tell your own story. Be the superhero overcoming all odds or perhaps the villain thwarting the hero's efforts at every turn. These are also great for storyboarding film or script ideas.
    • Start a private journal. Recording your thoughts can be helpful in the moment and incredibly insightful, nostalgic, and even hilarious when you revisit it in later years.
    • Make a bucket list. Writing down your goals is a great way to visually see everything laid out, and you can cross them out each time you achieve one.
    • Record your dreams in a dream journal. Whether you wish to decipher their meanings or remember them for story ideas, keep a dream journal beside your bed to jot them down before you forget the details.
    • Take a travel diary around the world to capture your adventures. Add ticket stubs, photos, and some scrapbook supplies to make a travel scrapbook.
    • Doodle out tattoo designs or logos for your next business. Share them during meetings and consultations to allow for collaborative creativity.
    • Start a wine journal by recording your tasting notes. Do the same with restaurants, cafes, and breweries to make a comprehensive book of where to go in your neighborhood the next time you’re stumped for dinner ideas.