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    If you're an avid reader, your bookshelves are probably packed from bookend to bookend with novels, biographies, and page upon page of informational references to stimulate your mind and spark your imagination. Chances are another trip to the bookstore is in order in the near future and you might have to get another bookcase to keep up with your growing collection, as is often the case with just about anyone with a healthy enthusiasm for reading.

    Many readers have a preference for hardcover books. They can hold up better over time and often contain imaginative illustrations and vivid cover art that don't make it into the paperback versions, not to mention their collectibility is usually much higher than paperbacks. However, the size and weight of hardcovers can make it a challenge to hold onto while reading for long periods. A good book stand makes things easier, allowing you to read hands-free—except when it's time to turn the page.

    A well-placed desk lamp or reading light makes an ideal companion to a book stand, placing illumination where it needs to be when you're pouring over the pages.

    Keep an array of bookmarks within arm's reach so you'll never lose your place again when you're deep into a thrilling adventure and you have to put your novel down to answer the door.

    Identify your special collection pieces as your own with a distinguished bookplate or embosser.

    Many devoted readers also like to write—the two frequently go hand-in-hand. If you're one such writer, you likely have as many journals and notebooks—filled with your own musings—as you have books written by your favorite authors lining your shelves. Eye-catching and unique book cover for each of your works not only helps you identify them at a glance, it protects the contents of a journal or manuscript from dust and fading through contact with light.

    Some people just love to read. It doesn't make any difference to them whether they have a first printing—or even if the text is in the form of a book at all. Digital reading on a tablet or an e-reader works great in these cases, making it easy to carry around a large number of books without bulk.

    Some prefer reading on a tablet computer, so they can switch between reading and checking their email when they need to. They work splendidly for the person on the go, who might only get small chunks of time to themselves for reading. Others enjoy the disconnectedness of an e-reader. You can immerse yourself into the story and take an imaginary journey, uninterrupted by life for a while.Whichever your preferred method of electronic reading, a tablet skin or e-reader case of your choosing sets your device apart.