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    Calendars and planners make it easier to organize your life. Keep one nearby so that you won't have to worry about missing important dates, meetings, or deadlines, and to help you stay on top of your commitments. Some calendars are easy to hang up on the wall while other designs can be placed on a decorative shelf or on your desktop so they’re easy to see. Planners, on the other hand, are usually slim enough to take on the go in your handbag or briefcase.

    Printable calendars are calendars that you print out yourself, either at home or at a print shop. Instead of receiving a physical item from a seller on Etsy, you receive a digital file of the purchase. While many printable calendars feature simple, black-and-white designs, shops on Etsy offer a wide variety of beautiful and colorful printable custom calendars that you can personalize to your needs. Choose from a variety of designs that you can customize with text, images, and more.

    Monthly calendars let you plan out important dates for the whole month ahead. Keep track of everything from soccer practice to everyone's chore responsibilities. These handy wall calendars are available in two main designs: a traditional monthly calendar with spiral binding and a separate page for each month of the year, and a large acrylic board you can write on and clean when the month is done. Acrylic calendars are a great choice for busy families, while classic monthly calendars make excellent Christmas gifts before the start of a new year.

    Weekly planners and daily planners let you get down into the details. Whereas a monthly calendar can mark important dates, weekly and daily planners offer more room to write times, schedules, and appointments. If you have multiple meetings or appointments in one day, you can easily note them down in your planner and quickly organize your day at a glance. They may also include spaces for to-do lists, meal plans, and extra notes.

    Budget planners can help you get and keep a handle on your finances. They can make it easier to track spending, create savings goals, and monitor your budget over the course of the month. Different designs provide trackers for bills, debt payments, investments, and more. Many are available in printable calendar designs that let you personalize your planner to suit your specific budgeting needs.

    Party planners can take a lot of the stress out of organizing a big event. They'll help you keep track of the big-ticket items like food and decorations while ensuring that you don't overlook the many small details that can easily slip through the cracks. Depending on the design, a party planner might feature checklists for essential items, lists of food and drinks, a schedule, and sections for a guest list.

    Advent calendars not only count down the days until Christmas, they make charming and festive Christmas decor as well. Sellers on Etsy carry a wide variety of creative and custom designs to suit your home or to give as a gift. Some are made of wood, others feature small boxes to hold the goodies, and others include fun activities. You can even find well-loved vintage advent calendars that have brought Christmas joy to generations past.