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    Coloring books are fun for everyone. With an enormous range of styles, you’ll find the perfect coloring book for anyone who wants to get creative. Adult coloring books feature charming designs, intricate patterns, humorous scenes, and zen-style patterns. Coloring books for children can enhance your kiddo’s creativity and provide them with a fun, screen-free activity.

    Give coloring books with personalized themes as bridal party gifts. Fill stockings this holiday with miniature coloring books, fabulous for bringing along during travel. Browse shops on Etsy to fulfill all your creative coloring book dreams.

    Coloring books have many benefits for kids and grown-ups alike. Coloring can help relax the amygdala, helping to induce a similar state achieved through meditation. When you color, you’re activating both hemispheres of your brain. Kids’ coloring books feature simple designs that help develop motor skills. Staying inside the lines can develop logical thinking, while choosing colors encourages creativity. Best of all, you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy coloring, making it a simple and stress-free hobby for all ages

    Find coloring book collections for every interest and level of expertise from shops on Etsy, including the following:

    • Abstract: Abstract coloring books are filled with unconventional pages to engage your creativity. They feature elevated artwork, creative prompts, or minimalistic designs.
    • Custom: A wonderful gift for kids and adults, custom coloring books have personalized pages that speak to the colorer’s personality. Grab a coloring book full of local birds for your little birdwatcher.
    • Grayscale: Grayscale coloring books include more detailed designs in shades of gray instead of just black and white. Coloring grayscale images creates a shading effect.
    • Novelty: Novelty coloring books are niche, often humorous collections of cartoons, drawings, or even phrases for various fandoms.
    • Pattern: Full of time-consuming, intricate designs, pattern coloring books are great for anyone who wants to zone out while coloring. Mandalas, quilt designs, and repeating images are soothing when you're coloring to feel calm.
    • Picture: This style looks more like a traditional coloring book. Picture coloring books are filled with scenes, portraits, and settings.

    Stock your desk with coloring accessories to make the most of your new coloring book:

    • Crayons: Choose an inspiring array of crayons in unique colors, natural materials, and customizable collections.
    • Colored pencils: Colored pencils allow you to create more detail and shading than crayons.
    • Markers: The number one choice for most younger kids, markers saturate the page faster and are easier to hold.
    • Rulers: For abstract or highly detailed coloring books, rulers help you stay inside the lines and keep your final piece neat.
    • Cases: Utensil cases keep your coloring accessories organized and easy to access.