• Learn More About Books

    When it comes to reading, there are all kinds of categories and genres to choose from. Here are some major types of books you’ll find on Etsy:

    • Literature and fiction: Looking for an escape? Want a fantastical story that helps you connect with the human spirit? Fan of science fiction? Whatever your reason for loving fictional tales, Etsy has a wide range of new and vintage fiction books to choose from.
    • Non-fiction: If you prefer real life stories, self help, or educational books, shops on Etsy have you covered. To learn about someone’s real life struggles and accomplishments, explore the popular category of biographies and autobiographies.
    • Children’s books: You’ll find children’s books on Etsy for any age. Find everything from picture books for toddlers, to novels for pre-teens. Find modern books or classics from your childhood to share with your little one.
    • Comics: No matter what kind of comics you’re into, find something that matches your taste on Etsy. Discover everything from old school comics to mature graphic novels to vintage versions that take you back to the good old days.
    • Poetry: Like to read poetry? Shops on Etsy have classics, modern poetry, and everything in between.
    • Book sets and collections: Find book collections from Etsy sellers, from popular series, to art book collections, to author sets. If you just need some great decor, find sets based on color and style.

    Not all books are meant for reading—at least not at first. If you’re someone who writes, whether it’s notes, journaling, or the next great literary masterpiece, shops on Etsy offer all kinds of blank books for you to fill.

    Find notebooks with motivational messages on the cover. Consider a pregnancy journal if you’re expecting. Travel journals are a great thing to pack for your next trip. Choose from hardcover, softcover, and leather blank books. Need to get organized? Calendars and planners are a great way to get started. Calendars also make great gifts in anticipation of the new year.

    Lots of great reading material is hard to classify. Here are some other types of books to consider adding to your collection:

    • Zines and magazines: Whether it’s a mainstream magazine or a limited print zine, you’ll find great options on Etsy. To be transported into the past, take a look at the wide range of vintage magazines.
    • Cookbooks: Whether you’re looking for a specific type of cuisine or just an array of good recipes, Etsy sellers have all kinds of cookbook options. You’ll find focused categories as well, such as desserts or pasta.
    • Reference books: Want to learn about something? There’s a broad range of reference books available, from gardening, to travel, to mixology.
    • Art and photography books: Art and photography books allow you to connect with a style of work. Find a book focused on a type of art, or the works of a single artist. Art and photography make amazing coffee table books, gifts, or additions to your collection for inspiration and awe.
    • Audiobooks: There are times when sitting down with a hard copy of a book isn’t convenient. Whether you’re multitasking, on the go, or just need to rest your eyes, consider audiobooks as your next great read. Find digital downloads or old school books on tape, depending on your setup and needs.

    No matter the kinds of books you’re reading, the right book accessory will make your reading experience better. Consider your dream bookmark, whether it’s metal, illustrated, magnetic, or glow in the dark. A book sleeve is perfect for protecting and transporting your book. For a collection, take a look at bookends. Feeling really fancy? Go for a book embosser to leave your mark on all of your reading and writing books.