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    Musical instruments bring the sensational art of music into reality from the realm of emotion and imagination. Taking up an instrument is a profound act, unlocking appreciation for music, discovering new avenues for creativity, and forging patience and perseverance. Playing brass and horn instruments—like trumpet or trombone—and woodwinds—like the clarinet or saxophone—cultivates a sense of exploration and improvisation whether you’re on your way to mastering jazz, marching band, symphony, or orchestra. Shop the wide selection of quality musical instruments from sellers on Etsy.

    Driving the beat and keeping the time, drums and percussion tap out a tune for our hearts to follow. Know someone who wants to rock out in a garage band? A basic drum set kit has everything they need to get started. When the other team hears the rat-a-tat-tat of the marching tenor drums take the field, their confidence is sure to waver. Hand drums also make great introductions for young children into making music, and they’re really fun to hit repeatedly. Coupled with other toy instruments like maracas and xylophones a childhood is sure to be loud, expressive, and fun, just as it should be.

    Pianos and keyboards are also wonderful instruments for those just starting out. Shops on Etsy have pianos perfect for practicing a couple hours every day and keyboards with programs to help you follow along with your fingering. Keep at it, and you’ll be taking requests with a tip jar faster than you can play ‘Chopsticks.’

    Looking to delve into electronic music with oscillating modulations and samples from classic sci-fi? Synthesizers and effects have all the beeps and boops you need for your next vaporwave masterpiece.

    Stringed instruments have long been the favorite choice for humans, from the ancient lute to its descendant the guitar. Violins and cellos play necessary parts in folk traditions as well as in classical compositions. Virtuosic performances of stringed instruments stir the soul and tug on the heart. Explore the shops on Etsy offering tuning and accessories items to make sure you’re playing in the right key.

    If you’ve got a song in your heart, shops on Etsy have a wide range of musical instruments available to make beautiful, expressive, and artful noise.