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    Graphic tees are t-shirts decorated with images depicting a vast range of words and art. They’re popular means of self-expression and advertising, and have been since the 1960s. Find some of these types of men’s graphic tees from shops on Etsy:

    • Band tees: Rock your favorite band’s graphic tees and gear anytime you want, from the front row of the concert to listening to their new album at home.
    • Sports tees: Represent your favorite sport or replace that new good luck charm with a sports graphic tee.
    • Funny tees: Wit and witticisms abound on funny men's graphic tees, showing off your sense of humor along with your sense of style.
    • Souvenir tees: Remember that one time when you went to that one place? You will now, with souvenir tees from national parks, monuments, and classic festivals.

    Designers on Etsy make custom t-shirts to commemorate important events or personalize a gift. Planning your buddy’s bachelor party in Vegas? Work with an artist to create custom men's long sleeve graphic tees for the whole crew. For your little brother’s birthday, get him a shirt with an embarrassing childhood photo plastered on the front. Or, deck out every member of the clan with the family crest displayed proudly on their chests at the next reunion.

    Depending on the artist or seller, several types of graphics can be applied to tees:

    • Painted: Hand-painted graphic tees are one-of-a-kind works of art you get to wear everyday.
    • Screen printed: Screen printed tees are very popular, and use layers of silk screens and stenciled emulsion to make crisp graphics.
    • Embroidered: Embroidered tees showcase the supreme skill of a seamstress by using a needle and thread to craft enthralling designs in fabric.
    • Tie dye: One of the oldest forms of graphic tees, tie dye tees feature colorful fractals and psychedelic swirls.

    Graphic tees as gifts hardly miss the spot. Know someone who loves rare thrift shop finds? Shop the selection of sellers on Etsy of men’s graphic vintage tees for a throwback from their youth, like a Saturday morning cartoon they never missed. Know a graduate heading to college in the fall? Surprise them with a college graphic tee from their new alma mater. Gear up for the holidays with festive graphic tees fit to deck the halls and string up the holly.