Men's Shorts

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    Men’s shorts are measured by the inseam—the length from the crotch to the hem. The most common shorts inseams are as follows:

    • 5-inch: 5-inch shorts usually rest at the mid to upper thigh. These breathable shorts are great for the hot summer months.
    • 7-inch: The perfect middle ground length, 7-inch shorts tend to land between the middle of the thigh to just above the knee.
    • 9-inch: 9-inch shorts typically land right at the base of the thigh to the top of the knee. They’re the standard length of most athletic shorts.
    • 11-inch: The longest common length for men's shorts, 11-inch shorts fall between the top and middle of the knee.

    There are plenty of shorter and longer variations of shorts available for men. For example, men’s booty shorts can have as little as a one-inch inseam, while skate shorts are sometimes as long as 16 inches.

    Think about the occasion—and your personal style—when choosing your next pair of shorts. Here are a few of the many types you’ll find from sellers on Etsy:

    • Chino: Chinos are casual men’s shorts, often made of comfortable materials like cotton or stretch-blend fabrics. They feature straight legs and create a svelte silhouette.
    • Athletic: From tennis to basketball shorts, men’s athletic shorts have ultra-breathable materials like mesh and nylon blends to keep your movements loose and comfortable.
    • Board: Men’s board shorts are a type of swimwear typically longer and looser than swim trunks, allowing you to easily maneuver while catching waves.
    • Gym: Available in all styles and lengths, men’s gym shorts include a drawstring or elastic waist and are loose around the legs for sports and exercising.
    • Golf: Designed to provide comfort while golfing, men’s golf shorts are made of lightweight and cooling fabrics.
    • Cargo: Generally longer with a slight flare in the leg width, men’s cargo shorts often feature multiple pockets and compartments. They’re typically made of khaki or blended fabrics.
    • Bike: Men’s bike shorts are made of stretchy, skin-tight materials and hug the waist and legs. They help to improve comfort and efficiency while cycling.
    • Denim: Men’s denim shorts come in many styles and are made from standard denim or a denim blend that offers more stretch.

    Fashion choices and clothing combinations are virtually limitless when it comes to men’s shorts, but here are a few style ideas to consider:

    • Wear a pair of pastel chino shorts with a summery button-up to your next backyard barbeque.
    • Combine your dress shorts with a pair of vintage suspenders and a graphic tee for a classic punk look to rock out at the show.
    • Ride the ocean waves in a pair of board shorts and a rash guard top.
    • Athletic shorts with a hoodie or sweatshirt make an easy outfit to jump into while getting ready for class.
    • Grab a pair of linen cargo shorts and a Hawaiian-style button-up for your upcoming beach vacation.