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    Although the terms are often used interchangeably, there are a few differences between these two common types of outerwear. Jackets tend to be lightweight and hip-length or shorter, while coats tend to be longer and warmer.

    Jackets are often more casual than coats, too. For example, a denim jacket is a great casual staple for sunny days, while a wool peacoat makes everything from jeans to dresses look more formal.

    When styling coats and jackets, look for silhouettes that will complement your outfit and give your look shape. For example, if you're wearing voluminous clothing, like a poofy skirt, a fitted leather jacket can help define your waist and add a little edge. Meanwhile, a larger puffy coat offers a great contrast to tight fitting clothes. And belted coats, with their cinched waists, pair very well with dresses and suits.

    Whatever look you prefer, you can find a variety of unique handmade and vintage jackets and coats from Etsy sellers in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes—including outerwear for girls, too.

    There are jackets and coats for every season, from breezy spring afternoons to blustery winter days. Here’s a handy guide:

    Spring and early summer: A jean jacket won't warm you up too much but will protect you from light winds, making it the perfect piece to wear on a mild sunny day. On rainy days, nothing beats a waterproof rain jacket, raincoat, or trench coat. Etsy sellers make them in all sorts of colors, from classic black to playful prints.

    Fall: A quilted jacket, leather jacket, or a wool coat will serve you well in the fall—or in-between seasons when it's a little chilly but not freezing.

    Winter: When the temps dip to freezing levels, a puffer jacket or a parka coat are your best friends. Most of these women’s winter coats have some kind of insulating padding (like down or thermal fabric made from synthetic fibers) to warm you up, and many are waterproof to help you stay dry, too. If there's no snow in the forecast, a sherpa jacket or shearling coat can also keep you toasty.