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    Before the 1970s, it was unusual for women or girls to wear pants. Except for wearing sweatpants in gym class, women were expected to wear dresses, especially in public. The countercultural revolutions of the 1960s planted the seed for this change, but women still predominantly donned skirts and dresses as staples of their wardrobe.

    The ‘70s changed all that, with many women rejecting the dress and skirt convention, and they began wearing jeans as a fashion statement. Major clothing brands quickly picked up on this trend and began increasing their lines of women's blue jeans and dress slacks. By the 1980s, women's pants suits made their way to the scene, forever discarding the notion that pants are only for men and boys. Today, women have more choices than ever, with a continually growing array of options for covering their lower half.

    Women's pants run the spectrum of cuts and fits, ranging from low-rise to waist-highed, flowy to fitted, and tapered to flared. Each different type of fit has various functions. For example, form-fitting pants, like leggings, offer easy movement for workouts, while looser women's wide-leg pants are a comfy and stylish choice for lounging.

    Pants for women are as diverse as any clothing item could possibly be, giving anyone who wears them the opportunity to unapologetically express themselves through their individual sense of style.

    Few other items of clothing have a greater range of variation than women's pants. While men's trousers come in a few basic types, women's pants are available in a wide assortment of styles. Some of the popular types of women’s pants that you’ll find from shops on Etsy include:

    • Women's jeans: Always versatile, the right pair of denim is suitable for casual outings, outdoor chores, or for dressing up with a pair of heels.
    • Women's dress pants: Whether it's for a festive evening out or a cozy Sunday brunch with friends, there's an eye-catching pair of dress pants for every occasion.
    • Women's stretch pants: From joggers for lounging to yoga pants for working out, a form-fitting pair of stretch pants have you covered, whatever activity you choose to do.
    • Women's capris: Don't keep your classy, sensible shoes hidden by long pant legs. Show them off with a stylish pair of capris that make the perfect pairing for summer sandals and your warm weather wardrobe.
    • Women's chino pants: Whether you call them khakis or chinos, these classic icons of the business casual look will keep you looking sharp year round.
    • Women's work pants: From your office at the law firm to serving customers at the local restaurant hot spot, you'll find the perfect pants to fit your profession on Etsy.