Women's Ponchos

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    Although both ponchos and capes can keep you cozy, ponchos are designed to go over your head, whereas capes hang off your shoulders. Another key differentiator: Classic ponchos often lack closure, and capes typically fasten at the front of the neck.

    Ponchos originated in the Andes as a defense against the elements. They didn’t restrict movement, so a wearer could continue to work or ride their horse. Capes have been used by many cultures, from monks in Tibet to royals in England. They were burly to protect from harsh weather or decorative to represent political power.

    Today, a poncho is an easy option for a grab-and-go layer. Whether you’re popping out to the farmers market or walking the dog, a poncho is a convenient way to stay warm. Women’s hooded ponchos add an extra layer of protection from the elements. Fleece ponchos are extra-toasty. Your poncho can also be a fashion statement, like a cashmere poncho that looks as luxurious as it feels. To give a nod to the style’s roots, a traditional Mexican poncho offers a warm weave and intricate geometric designs.

    Specifically designed to keep you dry, a rain poncho lets you enjoy the outdoors even when the sky is leaking. Keep a packable poncho in your purse or car to always have a waterproof layer on hand. A hooded rain poncho preserves your blowout on the commute to work. A rain poncho slips over your bike helmet and gear without restricting your grip on your handlebars. For days when you need to travel, a large poncho fits over the top of your backpack to keep your belongings dry.