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    There’s perhaps never been a better time to wear shorts. Once fairly limited in styles, women’s shorts now range from retro, to practical, to downright elegant. In fact, with so many styles, there’s a pair of women’s shorts for almost any setting. Whether summer is approaching, you’re working out, or you’re traveling to the Bahamas, there’s a pair of women’s shorts for you. Here are some of the diverse styles to choose from:

    Women’s athletic shorts: There are multiple types of athletic shorts, depending on the activity they’re designed for. For a snugger fit, items include women’s bicycle shorts and women’s yoga shorts. If you’re looking for something a bit looser, consider women’s board shorts and women’s basketball shorts. Athletic shorts aren’t just practical—they can be a casual and stylish everyday item.

    Women’s lounge shorts: Sometimes you want shorts that are simply cozy. A women’s lounge short is great for wearing around the house, thanks to soft materials and a stretchy waistband. A knit version adds a bit more elegance if you plan to venture out.

    Women’s tailored shorts: For higher fashion, more sophisticated looks, consider tailored shorts. Women’s khaki shorts offer a classic look, while softer cottons and linens are beautiful and classy.

    Women’s jean shorts: It’s arguable that women’s denim shorts have ever gone out of style. Jean shorts offer a great, casual summer look that you can wear pretty much anywhere. Go for cutoffs for that frayed, laid back style or choose ultra-short denim shorts for a bold choice.

    Women’s bermuda shorts: These knee length shorts offer a more modest look. If women’s short shorts aren’t your style, bermuda shorts offer a timeless and gorgeous alternative. Denim bermuda shorts are a great way of combining two styles for one great, fashionable look.

    Women’s cargo shorts: Typically sporting two additional pockets on the legs, cargo shorts are practical and great for activities like hiking or camping.

    Women’s leather shorts: Leather brings an edginess to any outfit, whether you’re dressing them up with heels for an evening out or pairing them with sneakers for a day of errands.

    Women’s minimalist shorts: Relaxed and light, minimalist shorts are perfect for high fashion that doesn’t need to ride too high. Lightweight materials like silk or linen, coupled with a looser fit, will make these shorts perfect for higher temperatures.

    Your fashion style is yours and yours alone. Whatever makes you feel the best in your own skin, that’s what you should wear. However, here are a few things to consider when choosing a pair of shorts:

    • Length: Find the length that works for you. This will depend on what you’re comfortable with mixed with the style you want. Longer will be more modest and shorter lengths traditionally lend themselves to a younger look. If you’re a fashion rule-breaker, dare to wear any length that speaks to you.
    • Sizing: Fitted shorts can be a fashionable option, but shorts that are too tight will be uncomfortable. Too baggy, on the other hand, can look frumpy if not a deliberate style choice. Know your measurements to help select the right shorts size for a comfortable and flattering fit.
    • Material: Choose your shorts material depending on what you’re wearing them for. For example, moisture-wicking fabrics are well suited for sports while fine fabrics like silk are best saved for dressier occasions.