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    Skirts are a versatile outfit piece with many different lengths—also called silhouettes—for different occasions. Here’s a short list of some of the more commonly used hemlines.

    • Micro: The shortest skirt length currently known, micro skirts set the hem at or slightly above the upper thigh.
    • Mini: Popularized in the swinging ‘60’s, women's mini skirts have a hemline usually falling no lower than mid-thigh.
    • Short: Also known as women's tennis skirts, these skirts are longer than mini skirts, but shorter than knee-length.
    • Knee: Knee-length skirts generally hit the wearer’s knee, but also encompass styles slightly shorter, like above-knee skirts, and longer styles, like below-the-knee skirts.
    • Midi: Women's midi skirts are named as such because they fall midway on the calf. Skirts in this style are also often called tea length skirts.
    • Maxi: Ankle-length and used in both flowy and tailored designs, women's maxi skirts work for a wide range of outfits and in both formal and casual situations.
    • Full: Full length skirt hemlines range from just hitting the top of the foot to floating just above the floor, offering full, fashionable coverage.
    • High-low: Asymmetrical hemlines—like a mini-length front hem and a maxi-length back, for example—give high-low skirts their name.

    The differences in women’s skirt styles encompass a multitude of variations on a theme. These are some of the popular styles available from sellers on Etsy:

    • Skater: Skater skirts are also called ‘circle skirts’ because the cloth from which they’re cut forms a circle. These casual skirts are flowy and comfortable, great for outdoor activity requiring clothes that let you move.
    • Bubble: Bubble skirts achieve a voluminous silhouette thanks to and underturned hem. Bubble skirts pair wonderfully with a fitted top for visual balance.
    • Bell: A favorite on the red carpet, bell skirts incorporate flawlessly into more formal fashion fare. These skirts flare at the waist and fall to the knee in straight lines, resembling their namesake.
    • A-line: A-line skirt styles are common and popular, and worn in both casual and formal settings. A-line skirts’’ gentle flare flatters just about anybody who wears one.
    • Pleated: Pleated skirts play with the intersection of flowy fabric and straight lines, resulting in a fashionable skirt serving as an outfit centerpiece.
    • Pencil: Steadfast and austere, the fitted lines of pencil skirts slay all day when paired with a flowy blouse or a sharp blazer. Pencil skirts are a favorite in professional settings.
    • Sarong: Sporting beachy vibes, the sarong skirt finds its roots in indigenous Asian, African, and Pacific Islander fashions. These wraparound skirts are great for swimsuit coverups when hitting the sand.
    • Mermaid: Mermaid skirts feature a showy resemblance to fantastic fishtail shapes. Their fitted waist and flared hem gives an hourglass shape to the wearer.