Women's Sweaters

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    When it comes to staying warm on chilly days, nothing beats wrapping yourself up in a cozy sweater, be it a knit cardigan, a crochet sweater vest, a chunky turtleneck, or another style you adore. On Etsy, you can find all kinds of sweaters in many different silhouettes and materials, all made and found by skilled artisans who love being part of helping you create your ideal cool weather wardrobe.

    • Pullover sweater: Pullover sweaters get their name from how you put them on: by pulling them over your head. They may have a short zipper near the neck, but the front of the sweater is joined and doesn’t open up.
    • Crew-neck sweater: Usually a pullover, these sweaters feature a rounded neck. That being said, you’ll find many different styles of crew-neck sweaters on Etsy with different lengths, sleeve styles, and design details.
    • V-neck sweater: These sweaters have a pointed, V-shaped neckline. It can be subtle or plunge a bit deeper. V-neck sweaters are great for showcasing your favorite necklace or for layering with a button-down or turtleneck top.
    • Turtleneck sweater: The neck of a turtleneck sweater can be extra tall and designed to be folded over or slouched down.
    • Mock-neck sweater: A variation on a traditional turtleneck, the neck on these sweaters rises above your collarbones toward your jawline, but doesn’t need to be folded over.
    • Part-zip sweater: These sweaters usually have a quarter- or half-zipper at the neckline that can be worn open or closed.
    • Cardigan sweater: Cardigan sweaters slip on like a jacket, and may feature a zipper, buttons, clasps, or a belt-tie to keep them closed.
    • Sweater vest: As the name suggests, a sweater vest resembles a vest and doesn’t have sleeves. The neckline can be rounded or V-shaped, and it may be a pullover or cardigan style.

    Thanks to many different styles and weights, sweaters are extremely versatile pieces in your wardrobe. As you shop for a women’s sweater, keep in mind where you’ll be wearing it with, how warm you need it to be, and what style might work best with the outfit you’re envisioning. Sweaters can be an investment piece in your wardrobe when they’re well constructed. Hand-knit designs like the ones from small shops on Etsy can be customized to your measurements so you have a bespoke piece of winter wear that will last for years to come.

    Depending on the look you’re going for, you may want to consider the overall fit (either snug or loose), the length (cropped, hip-length, or tunic-length), the neckline shape, and the type of fiber used to create the sweater (wool, cotton, or polyester, for example). Lastly, consider the color of your sweater. For a timeless piece that fits with any capsule wardrobe, look for a classic silhouette in a neutral shade like ivory or gray. Colorful sweaters in shades of red, purple, or navy, can be a nice accent to a holiday outfit.

    Sweaters can be styled in a number of ways, making them a great piece to add to your wardrobe before colder weather hits. A simple black sweater can look effortlessly chic when it's half-tucked (or French-tucked) into jeans. A women's cardigan pairs well with long dresses when you need to add a bit of warmth. Crewneck and V-neck pullover sweaters—along with sweater vests—are classic styles that can be layered over a collared button-up shirt.