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    Whether you are headed to the pool or the beach, the right women's swimwear will have you ready to hit the water. Sellers on Etsy carry an extensive collection of cute and comfortable styles that will have you looking your best and feeling great. After you find the perfect women's swimwear for the occasion, discover a matching pair of women's sandals and a fluffy beach towel to complete your ensemble.

    Women's bikinis are a favorite for having fun in the sun. If you're getting ready for a beach day, start by browsing the selection of women's bikinis and sets on Etsy. Find bikini tops and bottoms in matching sets featuring trendy colors, styles, and designs. Choose from floral, striped, cheetah print, solid color, polka dots, and more. Many sellers also carry unique crochet bikinis that will really help you stand out.

    If you already have a cute pair of women's swim bottoms, you'll need a chic women's swim top to match. There are many different swimwear tops to choose from, allowing you to find a top that suits your style and that you can feel comfortable in. Pick from a selection of bikini tops, sports tops, and every style in between with design embellishments like ruffles, rhinestones, bows, and more.

    Help your favorite swim top shine with a pair of women's swim bottoms that you can swim, dive, or sunbathe in. Explore an endless collection of bikini bottoms in every color and pattern you desire, as well as in high-waisted designs. Or, if bikinis aren't your style, there are plenty of women's swim shorts to choose from, including broad short and boy short designs.

    Keep things simple and stylish with women's one-piece bathing suits you can take from the pool to the beach. Have fun choosing a design that showcases your unique personality, including criss-cross styles, ruffle bathing suits, cut-out swimsuits, and more. Some one-piece bathing suits are made more for swimming while others are for lounging. If you do plan to wear your gorgeous new one-piece swimsuit to sunbathe at the beach, make sure you pick up a beautiful sun hat to go with it.

    Women's rash guards are long-sleeve swimming tops designed to offer protection from the sun's harsh UV rays. If you are prone to sunburn or if you just want to keep your skin safe, a stylish rash guard will do the trick. Some women also wear rash guards to protect against abrasions from the sand while surfing.

    A coverup is essentially a light dress made to be worn at the beach over a bathing suit. Not only does it provide a shield from the sun, but it can also keep you warm if there is a breeze coming off the water after you're done swimming. Women's coverups come in an array of styles, from more robe-like designs to shawls that you can drape over your shoulders or tie around your waist.

    The final touch on your beach or pool outfit might be a women's swim cap that serves both a functional and stylish purpose. Swim caps are worn to keep the hair dry and sometimes to protect it from chlorine as well if you are headed to a pool. If you are going to wear one, why not choose florals, animal motifs, or another design that adds a fun pop to your look?