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    Shrugs and boleros are cropped outer layers for your top half that serve as sophisticated companions to everything from yoga wear to evening wear. Shrugs are often more casual and may be made from light fabrics or chunky knits. Boleros tend to have more structure—for example, in a cropped blazer or jacket. Use either article as a stylish layer to elevate your outfit.

    A warm fur bolero will keep you toasty without wrinkling your dress on the way to a winter wedding. A sheer shrugs will add a light cover for a spring soirée. Both styles come in a range of shapes from short-sleeve shrugs to hooded boleros.

    Simultaneously modern and vintage, a lace bolero is an ethereal addition to your wedding dress. Add a white lace bolero to your ceremony look, and remove it at the reception for a simple yet sophisticated clothing change. Match your veil to a sheer white bolero for a luxuriously layered look. A short-sleeve lace shrug pairs flawlessly with a sleeveless wedding gown and adds a touch of modesty. A cream fur shrug will have you feeling like a Hollywood starlet as you drive away at the end of the evening.

    A dance shrug is an ultra-cropped version of the shrug. Covering your arms to the wrist, shoulders, and upper back, this pared-down garment is designed specifically for practices and warmups. The minimal cut of the shrug allows maximum airflow to your core while keeping your extremities warm. Dancers pair flexible shrugs with leg warmers and dance leotards for outfits that warm without restricting movement.

    These fitted shrugs are favorites for yoga, too, letting you move through your practice seamlessly and comfortably. Layer a yoga shrug over a sports bra or yoga tank top for the start of class, and remove it when you start to work up a sweat.