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    Whether you want cute matching tees for an event like a bachelorette party or you’re looking for a unique gift, custom T-shirts help you make a statement with your own graphics, photos, and phrases. Many sellers on Etsy make personalized tees for women in an array of colors and sizes, including plus-size and petite T-shirts. Some will create custom graphics for you, while others let you design tees with your own artwork.

    Many of these T-shirts are created with vinyl printing, which uses heat to attach designs to a shirt, or with screen printing, which uses stencils and ink. Some shops on Etsy can also personalize shirts with custom embroidering.

    These essential shirts can have different fits, depending on the style.

    Oversized shirts, for instance, are typically worn baggy and slightly longer. A lot of vintage T-shirts (especially those from the ‘80s and ‘90s) fit this way, roomy enough to layer tight-fitting long-sleeved shirts for a grunge look.

    Close-fitted tees, like summer T-shirts, fit more snugly. Typically, the shoulder seam (where the sleeve meets the body of the shirt) should fall at the end of your shoulder, and not below. Unless it’s cropped, the hem of the shirt should generally fall at your hips. Cotton T-shirts should generally hug your body without stretching.