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    Elegant in design and simple in concept, the tunic has a long, rich history in fashion. Prevalent throughout ancient Greece and Rome, the appeal of the tunic spread widely, from the Amazon to India. In fact, some civilizations that never met developed this clothing piece independently of each other.

    From medieval times and throughout the Renaissance, the tunic was the standard top garment for men from commoners to royalty. Women of every social station typically wore dresses.

    Today, tunics for women and men are as popular as they were centuries ago. Although cuts, colors, and patterns have changed over time, designers still use many of the same fabrics, such as linen and silk, that our ancestors used so long ago.

    Shirts, blouses, and tunics are all tops women frequently wear, and each piece is subtly different from the other, with wide variations in its category.

    A shirt is a simple top, usually pulled over the head—as with a t-shirt and many sweatshirts--or buttoned up the front, with a hem typically reaching above the waist.

    Though people often use the terms shirt and blouse interchangeably, the two styles do have a distinct difference. Women's blouses resemble shirts in most ways, but blouses tend to fit more loosely and have a dressier look.

    A tunic is much like a blouse in its loose fit, but a tunic's hem reaches between the hips and the knees. Some tunics pull over the head; others button up the front or even the sides. Open tunics, very similar to open cardigans, make a wonderful top layer over a blouse or a shirt, adding a stylish flow to your outfit.

    Find a women's tunic from designers on Etsy to go with every ensemble, from daily casual to evening formal. Here are some types to explore:

    • Women's tunic sweaters: Knitted or woven women's tunics with long sleeves give you an extra layer of cozy warmth on chilly days. Whether casual, whimsical, or formal, there's a tunic sweater to fit your style preferences.
    • Tunic shirts for women: You can find a women's tunic top with short sleeves or long sleeves, in any color you like, with just about any pattern or print you can imagine.
    • Dress tunics for women: Whether you're going for sassy, sophisticated, or both, a tunic dress will express your personal style with the right amount of flair.