Candle Making

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    Candle making is the age-old practice of combining waxes with wicks or other slow-burning materials. There are many different ways to make candles, from repurposing old candles to creating new ones in fire-safe jars.

    Shops on Etsy offer many candle-making supplies, along with tutorials on using them. Whether you’re looking to roll your own beeswax candles by hand or create a batch of poured candles for gifts, you’ll find all the ingredients you need on Etsy.

    Depending on the candle you want to make, you’ll need a few supplies:

    • Wax comes in many varieties, such as beeswax, soy wax, and coconut wax.
    • Wicks are typically made of hemp or cotton string, but some crafters use wooden wicks.
    • Jars are necessary to hold the wax if you’re following the pouring method of candle making.
    • Molds are used to create specific shapes of tealights, votives, or pillar candles.
    • Wax melters heat the wax to its liquifying point.
    • Additives take your candle from ordinary to spectacular. Try using fragrances for a heavenly aroma or sparkles for a shimmery finish.
    • Wax dye turns plain wax into festive candles for Christmas and Hanukkah or pitch-black candles for Halloween.

    Once you have your candle making supplies in-hand, it’s time to learn a few tips and tricks. With the assortment of how-tos and candle kits, you’ll learn about candle-making techniques, supplies, tips, and tricks. How do you work with beeswax? What’s the right ratio of scent to wax? The sellers on Etsy will help you learn all the basics and beyond!