Jewelry Making & Beading

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    Since their earliest days, people have been adorning themselves with jewelry to enhance their appearances. In prehistoric times, hunter-gatherers fashioned cords from plant fiber and animal sinew as well as pendants and charms from animal bones and clay beads.

    Materials have continued to advance ever since, replacing plant and animal fibers with finely crafted chains of precious metals. Likewise, painted beads gave way to gems and semi-precious stones. With such innovations, only a few people had the skills to make jewelry or work with gems.

    Today, jewelry-making is open to everyone. On Etsy, explore beginner's kits and how-to guides to start creating your own jewelry.

    The right jewelry making tools make all the difference as you begin creating your own wearable art. Depending on the type of jewelry you’re making, these tools are a great starting point:

    Beading involves stringing colorful beads together or attaching them to fabric with stitching, string, or adhesive.

    Beaders use an array of base materials from precious and semiprecious stones to seashells, metal, wood, plastic, and glass.

    A bead loom provides a framework in which to place beads evenly and holds pieces in place so beads don't spill. Using cord or lacing, a caddy of beads, and some findings, you can create pieces in your very own style.