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    The craft of bookbinding dates back hundreds of years, when scribes hand-wrote with ink and quill onto parchment. Craftspeople collected those pages between covers of stiffened leather or wood panels covered in bookcloth. Advances in the 19th and 20th centuries took bookbinding from a craft to an industry. Still, authors and hobbyists in recent years have revived it as an art form.

    Whether you're looking to self-publish and bind your own books or pursuing bookbinding as a pastime, you’ll find bookbinding tool sets, kits, and how-to guides on Etsy to get you started.

    For a book free of adhesives and glues glues, check out the many hardware options for securing your pages. Use bookbinding cord to attach the bookboards to form the cover. A glue gun and glue work splendidly for holding cloth or leather to the cover as well as for adding colorful art and ornamentation. Use decorative corners and headbands to reinforce the book's structure and add a bit of panache.

    An array of cutting, punching, and folding tools and hammers help you trim, set, and shape the paper and covers to your specifications.