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    Most of us have old photos, concert tickets, and other mementos tucked away, getting no love in their current random locations. This is the precise reason scrapbooking was invented: to corral our mementos in one easy-to-find, visually appealing place. Whether arranged by theme, year, or event, a book filled with our important moments and people keeps us connected to them.

    The wide selection of scrapbooking tools and materials on Etsy can help you find joy and satisfaction in a meaningful craft that preserves your history for future generations.

    Whether you're new to scrapbooking or an old pro, scrapbooking kits and how-to guides can help get you started and refine your process. Scrapbooking tool sets on Etsy range from small kits of specialized tools to the whole shebang. If you’d rather build your own toolset, consider these:

    • Albums and journals: A photo album, bound journal, or three-ring binder keeps memorabilia tidy and easy to enjoy.
    • Paper: Keep a variety of themed papers on hand for adding to your scrapbook or creating your own embellishments.
    • Embellishments: Make your scrapbook cover dazzle and your interior pages pop with some extra ornamentation.
    • Glue and adhesives: Grab some glue that’ll secure your precious mementos to the page without harming them.
    • Glue guns are a must-have for many scrapbookers.
    • Cutting tools: Trim photos and embellishments precisely and comfortably to the size and shape you need.
    • Writing and marking utensils: Harness your artistic skill to create your own decorations.
    • Embossing tools: A little texture adds a touch of sophistication to your pages.
    • Templates: Scrapbooking templates help when you’re feeling uninspired or out of ideas for layouts.

    Proper storage of your scrapbooks helps keep them safe. A dedicated bookcase keeps scrapbooks off the floor and in plain view so you can grab them whenever you want. Label sacks and totes as you store your albums according to time or event.

    As your scrapbook collection grows, make it easier to identify each era—especially when storing your books vertically in a bookcase or file box—try clipping color-coded or labeled clothespins to the top of the book cover. This makes it easy to flip through and pull a book at a glance.