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    Crocheting requires a few simple materials and tools to get started—all of which you’ll find from shops on Etsy. The best basics help you learn crocheting so you can start making everything from sweaters and scarves to blankets and dollies. Here are some of the essential items you’ll need to start your crochet journey.

    • Browse collections of handspun, vintage, and custom crochet yarns.
    • A set of crochet hooks in a variety of sizes makes it easy to dive into new crochet projects and learn several loop basics.
    • Yarn scissors and shears keep your yarn ends from fraying or splitting when cut.
    • For project inspiration and skill-building, patterns, kits, and how-tos are a great way to learn something new with helpful guidance.
    • For dollies, flowers, and fine home decor, crochet thread is specially formulated to provide a delicate and intricate final look.

    Custom crochet storage helps keep your yarn balls and crochet tools organized so you can jump into your next project with ease.

    Crochet caddies hold all your essentials and nestle nicely next to the couch or your favorite armchair.

    Project sacks and totes keep all the components of in-progress pieces separated and organized.

    Ball winders and Scandinavian yarn winders called nostepinnes turn loose yarn into an organized ball to prevent catches and knots as you work.

    Niddy noddies wind yarn into skeins as opposed to balls, also encouraging a snag-free project.

    Yarn cones and yarn swifts help keep your yarn in great condition and prevent different yarns from getting tangled during storage or simultaneous use.

    Yarn bowls and crochet caddies keep yarn and supplies tidy and easily transported from place to place.

    It’s the little things and finishing touches that put your personal stamp on a crochet project. Stitch markers and holders mark where you left off and help you keep a polished, uniform look, no matter how much time passes between crochet sessions.

    Specially designed yarn needles help you add sparkle and shine by attaching embellishments like flowers and charms]( to your project securely.

    Pom-poms and pom-pom makers make quick work of adding custom finishes, like top poms on iconic winter hats.

    Crochet bobbins are a handy way to keep yarn color changes organized and tangle-free during a project.