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    Cross-stitch gets its name from the X-shaped stitches sewn into a fabric of grids to create images and words. Shops on Etsy offer all the craft’s essential tools and materials including:

    Other tools that may make cross-stitching easier include:

    • Needle threaders: Needle threaders make threading needles a snap.
    • Thimbles: Protect your fingers from accidental pokes—and add a little oomph to stubborn stitches—with thimbles in various materials.
    • Needle minders: Shops on Etsy also have needle minders such as fabric tomatoes and magnetic dishes for when you step away from your project.
    • Needle cases: Needle cases help protect needles from loss and spillage. Plus, your fingers will thank you the next time you’re rifling through your sewing basket.
    • Magnifiers and task lighting: With such delicate, minuscule tools and stitches, the eyes need a bit of help sometimes. Magnifiers and task lighting help you focus exactly where you need to without squinting.

    Whether you’re just starting out or looking to level up your cross-stitch game, sellers on Etsy have a host of kits and how-to supplies with everything you need. Cross-stitch kits often come with needles, thread, patterns, and tutorials all preassembled for you.

    Shops on Etsy also have a wide range of books and magazines to bolster your craft.