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    Whether you’re a frequent threader or a newbie to the craft, quality embroidery supplies are key. From needles and thread to scissors and shears, visit the shops on Etsy for all the supply essentials so you can start stitching.

    • Needles: Let sellers on Etsy point you in the right direction with needles designed specifically for embroidery. You’ll find needles in various sizes to suit whatever fabric and thread you’re using.
    • Embroidery floss: Shops on Etsy offer a rainbow of embroidery floss and thread in a variety of materials and densities. For a thick, lustrous design, try embroidery ribbon in silk or satin; it’s a lot broader than thread and comes in many gleaming hues and detailed patterns.
    • Hoops, frames, and stands: Embroidery hoops, frames, and stands hold your fabric in place as you work. Many hoops and frames are fastened with adjustable screws so you can tweak the tension on your canvas or fabric to make stitching easier and smoother. They’re typically made from wood, but you’ll find them in all kinds of materials, shapes, and sizes.
    • Canvas and fabric: You can work your embroidery magic on just about any type of fabric. Get crafty with textiles from soft wool blends to creamy crushed velvet in colorful solids and patterns. If you’re looking to create flat, frameable pieces or are new to embroidery, try canvas; it’s easy to work with and provides a crisp, neutral surface to showcase your design.

    For novice stitchers, there are also handy-dandy how-to kits chock full of supplies, guides, and instructions that’ll have you well on your way to embroidering like a pro. Embroider custom art pieces as gifts, or add your own design to a canvas shoe, a pair of jeans, or a backpack.

    Image transfers: Use an image transfer made from a photo or other image to transfer it to the fabric as a guide. Likewise, font transfers help you embroider flawless letters.

    Embroidery machines: Experienced embroiderers and elaborate designs call for embroidery machines. These dedicated embroidery masters range in size and features to fit your skill level and projects.

    Scissors and shears: There’s something so satisfying about a good pair of scissors or shears. Discover fabric scissors that’ll cut any type of textile smoothly and make cutting an effortless step of the creative process. On Etsy, you’ll find scissors and shears in various weights, materials, and sizes, fit for different hands and needs—some crafted so beautifully that they look like works of art themselves.

    Needle threaders and thimbles: Both needle threaders and thimbles are helpful little doodads that smooth the embroidering process from start to finish. A needle threader helps you pull the thread through the tiny eye of the needle. This threading device comes in many custom shapes and forms. The humble but essential thimble helps protect your finger from prickly needles.

    Needle minders and cases: The phrase “like finding a needle in a haystack” is well known for a reason: Needles are tiny and hard to see. To the rescue: needle minders and needle cases. A needle minder keeps needles in place until you’re ready to use them; a needle case organizes needles by size so you can easily snatch the right one for the task at hand or tidily tuck it back away.

    Magnifiers and task lighting: Magnifiers and task lighting(https://www.etsy.com/c/craft-supplies-and-tools/sewing-and-fiber/sewing-and-needlecraft/embroidery/task-lighting) are your eyesight heroes. From magnifying glasses for your noggin to magnifiers on stands, there are many different types of magnifiers to help you see those tiny tools and detailed embroidery stitches. Lighting in all kinds and styles—many designed specifically for workspaces—helps minimize eye strain and fatigue.