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  • Learn More About Quilting Supplies

    Here are some of the items and accessories you’ll need when creating your work of quilting art:

    • Fabric provides the opportunity to play around with color, pattern, and texture. The most commonly used fabric for quilting is 100% cotton.
    • Interfacing and stabilizers are typically used between layers of fabric in quilting projects. They provide structure and body to blankets, shirts, bags, and other fabric items.
    • Stuffing, batting, and filling are stabilizers used as insulation in blankets and other quilting projects. They’re what makes a quilt heavy and warm.
    • Notions are sewing tools such as pins, needles, thread, scissors, and seam rippers.

    Gathering all your quilting supplies before you begin your project can help it turn out just the way you’d envisioned. Besides, it’s fun here on Etsy. Here are some must-haves to make your quilting project stress-free:

    • Rotary cutters have handles and wheel-like blades that make cutting fabric easier than with scissors.
    • A quilting board is covered in fabric on one side so that quilt squares don’t slide while you figure out your patterns.
    • Quilting clips hold fabric to the table as you work on your quilt.
    • Cutting mats protect your work surface.
    • Scissors and shears for quilting have long blades made of strong metal.
    • Hoops, frames, and stands hold fabric in place as you’re stitching or performing other tasks.
    • Sewing machines use shuttles, needles, and thread to sew much faster than you could by hand.
    • Measuring tools are mandatory for making sure your project comes out in exactly the dimensions you’d planned.
    • Seam rippers have small blades for cutting or removing stitches.
    • Quilting storage is a must for keeping all your bits and pieces organized and easily accessible.
    • Quilting kits come with the supplies you’ll need to get going without delay.