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    Calligraphy is the centuries-old craft of decorative, highly stylized handwriting. Calligraphy—"beautiful writing" in Greek—remains a valuable skill and art form today, and getting started is easier than ever. To begin your calligraphy journey, consider the type of project you want to try. From addressing handwritten wedding invitations to creating a beautiful personal journal, there are many ways to incorporate calligraphy into your life with stunning results.

    Calligraphy requires a steady hand, discipline, a dash of creativity, and a few specialized tools:

    Calligraphy pens need end pieces called nibs, which come separately. Each size and style gives its own twist to your scripting style. Traditional calligraphy pens don't come prefilled. Instead, you dip the nib into an inkwell filled with ink to load the pen.

    Lightly draw guides for your text with a handy ruler and pencil to keep your script from veering off its path.

    An eraser in your calligraphy tool set will help you remove the guidelines once the ink has dried.

    If you're new to the ancient art of calligraphy, get started with calligraphy kits and how-to guides that give you everything you need to design, doodle, and scrawl.

    Other calligraphy tools and pieces of equipment are helpful, too. For starters, you’ll need a good work surface. Though any desk or table will do, a drafting table allows you to set its height and angle to the position that best suits your posture and writing style.

    You'll likely be sitting for long stretches, so supportive seating is crucial. A well-made ergonomic chair along with a lumbar pillow will help keep you comfortable as you create.

    A desk caddy keeps your work area organized, and a durable pen box will protect your calligraphy tools.