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    If the painting bug’s driving you to express yourself through art, listen to that muse! Pull your creative tools and artistic materials from storage to start manifesting the masterpiece that's just busting to come out.

    Be intentional about how you set up your space. Arrange your your palettes and paint brushes along with your paints and [pigments] within easy reach. It can be helpful to keep paint thinners close by for cleaning up your tools when your masterpiece is complete. Now, grab a canvas, and let your creativity shine!

    Your creative process is entirely your own, so be sure to use the materials that call to you and spark your imagination. In addition to all the basics, the shops on Etsy offer many interesting media, tools, and embellishments you can use to take your projects to the next level.

    • Give your painting the ol’ razzle dazzle with glitter.
    • If you’re into ink and stains, use squeeze bottles to keep them accessible, neat, and easy to use.
    • Some artists strip and varnish their own frames—a small touch that can make an ordinary piece positively pop.
    • Try your hand using a less common medium, like encaustic wax.

    Don’t forget tools and equipment to mix up your media and optimize your workspace.