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    Since you’ll be taking your laptop bag with you on the go, look for a material that’s durable for your commute. Leather is always a timeless option. It will age naturally the more you use it, developing a beautiful, one-of-a-kind patina. Thick canvas is another good material for a laptop backpack.

    Laptop sleeves are designed to hold just your laptop, and you may then place your laptop into another tote bag or carry it solo. Look for a sturdy material that will help protect your device as you take the tablet sleeve it in and out of your bag.

    There are many different styles of laptop bags you can choose from, and the best style for you will depend on how you plan to use it. Long commutes on public transit, for example, require a different style of laptop bag than a quick run to the coffee shop.

    • Laptop tote bags: This style of laptop bag generally features an open top for easy access and two straps to go over your shoulder. There may be a pocket inside, and some styles do feature a top closure to keep everything inside.
    • Laptop backpack: For longer commutes, a backpack-style travel bag can be extremely useful. These backpacks typically feature a laptop or tablet sleeve within their interior pocket so you can store your computer away from other objects like notebooks, folders, and pens.
    • Laptop sleeve: If you’ve already got a great commuter backpack or laptop shoulder bag you love to use, adding a laptop sleeve is a great way to protect your computer as you slide it in and out of your bag. Although their design is slim, you can typically fit some papers or a small notebook in this case, too, if needed.

    As you shop for a laptop bag, look for features that match your commute style and will fit everything you’d like to carry. If you travel light, with just a laptop or a tablet, then a sleeve-style bag could be the right fit. If you tend to carry more supplies with you throughout the day, a shoulder laptop bag or backpack style can be more comfortable and allow you to keep your hands free for other tasks. You’ll also want to look for a material that will last and can be cleaned if necessary. Leather, canvas, and waxed canvas are all convenient choices.