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    Like most electronic cases, skins for laptops let you show off your passions and personality while helping to keep your tech-baby safe from scratches and water damage. They’re designed to unobtrusively cover damage and add visual appeal, no matter how big or small the design.

    Most laptop skins are made from durable vinyl or hard plastic. Create a custom laptop skin with your business logo for an inexpensive market boost, or use one of your photos to show off your photography skills with a QR code to follow.

    To apply a vinyl laptop skin or a laptop decal, grab your laptop and follow these six steps:

    1. If you haven’t already, choose the perfect skin and ensure it’ll fit your laptop.
    2. With your laptop turned off, clean the surface with a microfiber cloth and banish any debris.
    3. For tricky spots, use a small bit of rubbing alcohol or a mild cleaner and allow it to dry completely. Use this time to prepare and admire the awesome new skin you chose and get excited about the next step.
    4. Peel a small part of the vinyl or decal away from the backing to expose the adhesive, and then line up the edges. Start at the corner so you can ensure your skin is going on straight and your decal is level—if you want it that way.
    5. Once lined up, slowly pull more of the skin away while pressing down with the other hand to smooth the adhesive onto the laptop.
    6. Use a credit card to push out any bubbles, starting from the center.

    If your allegiances have switched or you’re simply looking to change it up, removing your laptop skin is similar and less painful than ripping off a bandage—simply pull it off. Most are designed to not leave any residue, but if yours happens to leave some stickiness behind, try a soft cloth and a few drops of rubbing alcohol to buff it back in shape. Wipe your laptop down to free it from dust and other fluff before applying the new one.

    Laptop skins are designed to not interfere with your computer’s performance. They’re unlikely to cause any change in the temperature of your laptop—even on a hefty gaming laptop. A correctly applied laptop skin won’t cover the fans or any cooling vents, and it’ll be thin enough to not add substantial insolation.

    Laptop skins are commonly placed on the back of your laptop, but they can be customized to go elsewhere. Try putting them around the keyboard, over the keys, or isolating certain keys or the trackpad.

    Both laptop skins and laptop sleeves allow you to upgrade your laptop’s look with tons of images and customizable laptop skin options. Laptop skins stay with your computer and can’t be accidentally left at home or forgotten at the cafe. Sleeves often have pockets for small storage and provide some protection against spills and other damage, depending on the material. Leather or felt sleeves really class it up when you’re on the go or entering a high-stakes meeting, while laptop skins display your style and personality in any situation.