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Phone cases, laptop sleeves and decals to protect and personalize your portables

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    From cell phones and computers to cameras and game consoles, electronic devices are part of modern life. We carry fantastic gizmos with us wherever we go—some as tools and necessities, others for entertainment. We love our devices so much that we invent gadgets for them and protect them from damage and disaster with electronics cases. Some enterprising types even build their own with DIY kits! Whether you’re a technophobe or a techno-guru, you’ll find more gizmos and accessories than you could ever imagine on Etsy.

    Cell phones, smartphones … whichever you call them, phones combine powerful computers, cameras, and thousands of other futuristic functions in a single handheld device originally intended for just saying, “Hi.” Cell phone accessories run the gamut from reusable screen-cleaning wipes to stylish skins.

    Worried about running out of power on the go? Pick up a power bank or extra cable from shops on Etsy selling batteries and charging accessories. If you’re feeling nostalgic for the days when phones were tethered to walls, look for telephones and handsets that not only look cool with their vintage vibes but also plug into your smartphone to mimic a landline.

    Whether it’s a laptop, desktop, tablet, or 2-in-1, the computer is a portal to the enormous connected world.

    • If you’re adding another monitor to your work-from-home office setup, don't forget the required cables and cords.
    • Keep your computer at a comfortable angle with a stand or docking station.
    • Achieve your dream cyberdeck with new speakers, headphones, amps, and other innovative audio accessories.
    • Browse the huge assortment of computers and peripherals to find wooden key covers, fashionable flash drives, Raspberry Pi cases, and hundreds of other cool extras you probably never knew existed.
    • Extend your style chops to your electronics with decals and skins.

    After a long day, what’s a better way to unwind than hitting the couch with yummy snacks and binging that true crime show? Or maybe slamming through the levels on the role-playing game that just dropped? Think about upgrading your movie night with TV and projection items from sellers on Etsy.

    Whether you need a storage solution for your video games or a replacement console controller, the shops on Etsy offer all the video game accessories you can imagine.