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    By definition, a bathroom vanity is a single cabinet unit that combines a sink and countertop, typically situated under a mirror. This type of bathroom furniture must include a sink in order to be considered a vanity. Without a sink, it’s just a bathroom cabinet. Meanwhile, a standalone bathroom sink that is not part of a cabinet unit, such as a pedestal or wall-mounted sink, is not referred to as a vanity.

    Many bathroom vanities include cabinets or other storage space. Some also have additional features, like lighting or shelving. In addition to providing valuable storage, one added benefit of having a bathroom vanity is that it hides plumbing neatly out of sight.

    When shopping for a bathroom vanity, the first thing to consider is the size of your bathroom. For a smaller washroom, like a hallway powder room, opt for a more compact European bathroom vanity or single sink vanity. If you have a larger space to work with, such as an en suite bathroom, a wall-to-wall vanity may be the best fit.

    Another major consideration for larger bathrooms is how many sinks you would like to have. A double vanity is a popular choice for a master bathroom but can be just as helpful in a bathroom shared by multiple children or guests.

    Also consider how much storage you need. Vanities are great for stashing all of your toiletries and other bathroom essentials. You’ll find designs with drawers, cabinets, and a combination. If you like your toothbrush tucked away out of sight, for example, make sure it’s still handy by choosing a vanity with a high drawer. If you don’t need much storage in your vanity, a minimalist design with open shelves might be the right choice.

    Finally, consider what aesthetic qualities you would like in a vanity, including the material, color, the type of sink, and cabinet and drawer hardware.

    Etsy shops sell a variety of handmade and vintage bathroom vanities in sizes and styles to suit all kinds of budgets.

    Some popular modern vanity styles for bathrooms include sleek Euro bathroom vanities and floating vanities, also known as wall-mounted vanities. These work well for small bathrooms because they have open space all around them, creating the illusion of a larger area. Also popular: Mid-Century modern vanities with modern bathroom cabinets and colored bathroom vanities in every shade of the rainbow.

    Farmhouse and rustic bathroom vanities are also popular choices on Etsy, and they come in many materials and finishes, including luxurious stone and teak, with live-edge wood tops. There are also stylish sustainable options like reclaimed wood bathroom vanities and repurposed dresser vanities.

    No matter your style, you can find ready-to-install, simple bathroom vanities with a countertop or ones without a top that you can fully customize to match your bathroom.