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    The right pillow for you is one that balances support and comfort for your individual sleep style and preferred sleeping position. Other variables like allergies, temperature, and material preference are also important factors in choosing your perfect pillow for the best night’s sleep.

    • Back sleepers: For back sleepers, a medium-firm pillow with a curved shape that follows the spine is usually ideal. Memory foam pillows and neck pillows can be an ergonomic and supportive choice.
    • Side sleepers: Side sleepers may prefer a high-fill pillow that offers more support to keep their spine aligned as they doze. Some Etsy sellers create ergonomic side sleeper pillows specifically for those who like to sleep on their sides.
    • Stomach sleepers: Stomach sleepers are typically better off with flatter, low-fill pillows that offer the least disruption of back alignment.

    As for materials and fill, consider the following:

    • Down pillows are fluffy, soft, and compress slowly over time.
    • Polyester fill pillows range from medium to soft, and may lose shape faster than down.
    • Memory foam pillows are firm and offer a high level of support.

    Etsy sellers create cozy pregnancy pillows in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, all designed to support you and help you sleep more comfortably throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Wedge pillows offer versatile, gentle support and can be used to lay back in bed or to prop under your knees. Some pregnant moms will even slide a small wedge pillow under their baby bumps while sleeping on their sides to help ease pressure and keep their spine more aligned. A U-shaped pillow surrounds you in softness, ideal for tossers and turners who need to try a few positions before becoming fully comfortable. A long body pillow is easy to hug and hold, take to the couch for streaming your favorite show, or to add an extra layer to your head pillow. After the little one has arrived, a nursing pillow keeps the baby at feeding height for comfy mealtimes.

    Many Etsy sellers can create custom pillows with one-of-a-kind designs just for you. Get your favorite motivational quote embroidered on a bolster pillow, or get a personalized throw pillow with your family’s names or your initials. Celebrate your love for your favorite people or pets with a custom pillow printed with their photos.

    Add a bedding set and wall art to transform your bedroom into a special haven that brings you joy every night as you fall asleep and every morning as you wake up.