• Learn More About Bedspreads

    Bedspreads are lightweight decorative bed coverings that may be used alone in the spring and summer or supplemented with a warm blanket in the colder months. Etsy sellers craft bedspreads in a wide variety of intricate designs and patterns.

    Animal bedspreads are popular for both children and nature-loving adults, with colorful designs that will make your room feel like a jungle.

    Others opt for a classic romantic look with a colorful floral design or an antique bedspread decorated with delicate embroidery, crochet, or lace details.

    Another popular choice for all ages and genders? Striped bedspreads, which come in multiple colors and sizes.

    Turkish bedspreads are also a trendy style. These soft, lightweight bedspreads are woven from Turkish cotton, and typically feature decorative tassels.

    The biggest factor to consider when choosing a bedspread is size. Single bedspreads will fit a twin bed, while both double bedspreads and full-size bedspreads will fit a full-size bed, a common fixture in guest rooms. There are also queen and king-size bedspreads.

    That said, it’s a good idea to measure your bed, including the height, before ordering. If you have a tall bed and want the bedspread to drape over the sides for a skirted look, you may need to go up a size. Many Etsy sellers also make custom bedspreads to fit your bed. When choosing a bedspread, also consider what sort of mood you want to create. You could go with muted or neutral shades for a relaxed vibe or brighten up your bedroom room with playful colors and fun patterns.