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    Whether you’re expecting your own bundle of joy or shopping for a baby shower gift, a baby blanket is always a practical gift idea that’s sure to be loved well and used quite often. As you shop for a baby blanket, there are several different styles you’ll want to consider, each with its own purpose.

    Receiving blankets are extremely versatile, making them a popular pick for baby blankets. Typically made from lightweight cotton, linen, or muslin, they’re designed to wick away fluids and can double as a burp cloth when necessary.

    Swaddle blankets are typically a bit larger than a receiving blanket and are made from lightweight, easily wrappable fabrice. They’re designed to wrap snuggly around a wee one in a practice known as swaddling. Small shops on Etsy can design a personalized swaddle blanket with the baby’s name or a specific pattern or color you’d prefer to match your nursery decor.

    Wearable blankets are a great alternative to swaddle blankets. Also called sleep sacks, they are similar in design to sleeping bags and have holes for baby’s arms and neck, just like a shirt.

    Security blankets are ideal for slightly older babies who can reach for and snuggle with these soft and cozy designs. Typically made from soft plush or fleece, they’re designed to offer comfort much like a stuffed animal does. In fact, some styles have an integrated plush animal accent.

    Baby quilts are a sentimental baby shower gift idea that can be passed down through generations. These hand-sewn blankets often feature a custom label featuring baby’s name and birth stats. Later in life, these baby quilts can be used as playmats and stroller blankets, thanks to their sturdy, layered design.

    Once you’ve selected the type of baby blanket you’d like to add to your collection, you can explore the fun world of creative designs made by sellers on Etsy. From embroidering a name to matching the blanket colors to your nursery theme, you’ll find all kinds of popular designs for personalized baby blankets on Etsy. Try one of these popular baby blanket designs:

    • Baby name blankets: Add a name, initials, or monogram to turn a simple baby accessory into a thoughtful baby shower gift.
    • Animal baby blankets: Animals are a popular baby shower and nursery decor theme, and these wildlife-themed baby blankets can feature cartoon or realistic animals, animal prints, and paw prints.
    • Floral blankets: Choose from pretty pastel petals or bright and bold blooms. Add a name to a flower baby blanket and use it as a creative way to wrap your baby shower gift!