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    A duvet cover is almost like a pillowcase that goes around a comforter insert, or duvet. The duvet fits inside the cover which is then closed using buttons, zippers, or ties. The duvet cover can be removed for cleaning or to replace the inner duvet. Many duvet covers also come with matching pillow shams. Duvet covers are available in all kinds of styles ranging from boho and floral designs to simple, textured linen covers so you can create a look that feels like you.

    The beauty of a duvet cover is that it’s easy to swap out when the seasons—or your design style—change. Luxurious linen duvet covers are often breathable and soft, making them a great option for hot sleepers and warmer months. Warmer fabrics like brushed cotton and flannel can be cozy in winter. If you’d like an ultra-soft duvet against your skin, opt for silk, satin, or a modern duvet cover made from plush fabric.

    Since all duvets tend to vary a bit in their actual size, it’s a good idea to measure your duvet insert of choice before choosing a cover size. Ideally your duvet cover will fit snugly, so look for one that has the same dimensions as your insert. If you’re covering a high-loft or thick duvet, you may want a duvet cover that’s just slightly larger than the insert.

    Yes, you can place a duvet cover directly over your bed without adding an insert, but the duvet is more likely to wrinkle and shift rather than stay in place. You can also use a standard comforter inside a duvet cover as long as the color won’t show through the fabric.