Cleaning Supplies

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    On Etsy, you’ll find air fresheners in a wide range of delightful scents to give rooms a pleasing aroma and a freshly cleaned scent. Welcome your guests with your favorite citrus or floral scent, or mist the air in your bedroom with a lavender air freshener to set the stage for a relaxing rest.

    For larger items that you can’t clean in the wash with your laundry supplies, a light spritz of fabric or room spray can keep things like furniture and curtains feeling refreshed.

    In addition to protecting your clothes while cooking, aprons are equally as helpful when it’s time to do some cleaning. Certain canvas aprons can withstand oil stains, if you’re working with an oil-based cleaner that might splatter. Lightweight cotton and linen aprons are easy to toss in the washing machine once your chores are done. Outdoor aprons come in handy for DIY projects, painting, and gardening.

    Aprons are available on Etsy in a delightful variety of materials, colors, and styles that will suit your unique tastes and purposes. Look for styles with pockets, half aprons, and full aprons. Invest in a pair of cleaning gloves to protect your hands and really cut down your cleanup time, as you won’t be hesitant to get right in there once your hands are properly safeguarded.

    Buckets, mops, and brooms in unique styles found on Etsy are perfect for jazzing up your floor-cleaning routine and adding extra functionality. For instance, add a Japanese mini broom or crochet mop cover to your arsenal for a bit of homespun charm that helps you keep your floors gleaming.