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    Finding the perfect rug style is all about choosing the right size, colors, and patterns for your space. Bold area rugs are one of the most impactful design choices you’ll make in a room. Area rugs add color and texture throughout your home and bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms are some of the most common places to use a rug. As you select a rug style, decide whether you’d like the rug to run from wall to wall, covering all of the flooring, or if you’d like a style that is smaller than your room. Layering rugs is a popular trend and a great way to make a small rug work in a large space. You can place the smaller rug over a larger rug—natural fiber rugs like seagrass and jute are top choices—to help fill the space.

    Discover a wide variety of rug styles on Etsy, from area rugs for every room to fun outdoor rug designs. Round rugs are a popular choice for under a round table and runner rugs help you add some style to narrow spaces like hallways and stairways. Etsy sellers offer many different options for customizing your area rug, from choosing the colors and patterns to the size and pile height. If you need a custom size rug or a custom shape, Etsy sellers can create a rug that fits your space perfectly. Washable rugs are great for high traffic areas like kitchens, hallways, and mud rooms. You’ll find many different styles of washable rugs available from Etsy sellers so you can style your space with something fun and functional.