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    Headboards are a type of bed frame furniture and create a buffer between the top of your bed and the wall. Headboards are optional—you may like a headboard simply for its design—but headboards have a few not-so-obvious functions that make sleepy time more enjoyable.

    Originally, headboards were designed to retain warmth in houses without modern insulation, forcing cold air to fall to the floor instead of collecting around people’s heads. Today, headboards keep pillows in place, offer support for sitting up in bed while you read or finish off that annoying video game boss, and add comfort—especially when padded.

    Because headboards are the most-seen part of a frame, seize the decor opportunity and find a headboard from the range of types available from sellers on Etsy:

    • Rattan: Beachy vibes, anyone? Rattan headboards exude an aura of relaxation that’s right in line with sunny days and oceanside living.
    • Tufted: Tufted headboards offer a plush look and a cozy feel for a more contemporary, understated style.
    • Wooden: Expert-level artisans on Etsy sell wood headboards crafted and carved with intricate floral patterns and other motifs serving as centerpieces in their own right.
    • Chicago: Upholstered headboards, also called Chicago or Chicago style, offer soft, cozy accents to a bed frame. These frames usually come as wall-mounted headboards and add a layer of plush opulence with deep button-tufting and distinctive fabric fold lines.

    Still deciding what kind of bedroom decor you want? Consider these popular bed frame styles for some design inspiration:

    • Mid-century modern: Hailing from or inspired by American furniture styles in the ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, MCM bed frame styles often feature a combo of wood and metal following clean lines and subtle space-age angles.
    • Minimalist: Don’t mistake minimalism for boring or bland. Minimalist bed frames put as much style as possible into sleek and spartan designs where the furniture accentuates as part of a whole rather than standing out itself.
    • DIY bed frames: Want to feel the achievement of assembling a loft bed from scratch? Snag a set of bed plans and bed frame kits for handmade beds that showcase your DIY mastery.

    Bed frames might seem purely functional, but they present an exciting opportunity for incorporating decor into your overall bedroom aesthetic. Whether you’re daydreaming about a mini room revamp or you’re ready to redecorate from scratch, explore the pillow shams, duvets, and throw pillows from sellers on Etsy to make your design dreams a reality.