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    A bedroom dresser is an easy way to add some handy extra storage to a room. If your room has a small closet or you have too many clothes, a dresser helps you stay organized by keeping everything neatly stored away. You can use a dresser to hold accessories, jewelry, shoes, books, or anything you want to keep out of sight. From wood dressers to mirrored dressers, the sellers at Etsy offer a great selection of options to suit your bedroom design.

    For even more storage, consider an armoire. An armoire is essentially a large cupboard with drawers, shelves, and a space for hanging clothes. Usually more ornate in design, armoires are a great choice for homes with small or no closets.

    The best way to ensure a cohesive room design is to match the dresser to your bedroom style. Some of the most common dresser styles include:

    • Traditional dressers: Traditional style furniture tends to have a more ornate look. These dressers often come with features like beveling, carved feet, and fancy drawer pulls.
    • Modern dressers: The sleek silhouettes of modern design give these dressers a minimalistic appeal that will fit right in with contemporary spaces.
    • Mid-century modern dressers: With their chic lines, tapered and angled legs, and natural wood finishes, mid-century dressers never go out of style.
    • Farmhouse dressers: Farmhouse style is an enduring trend loved for its simplicity, warmth, and frequent use of soft colors and florals.

    Dressers with a mirror on top not only lend the room a decorative touch but provide double the functionality. Use the mirror to check out your outfits as you get dressed. Then, pull up a chair to do your hair and makeup and finish the look. The mirror can also help the room feel a little brighter and larger. These dressers and matching mirrors come in the same great variety of styles as all of the dressers on Etsy.

    Vintage dressers and armoires not only brim with charm, but they are also often highly durable pieces that have withstood the test of time. Many of these solid wood dressers were built to last, with an eye for quality craftsmanship and enduring design. One-of-a-kind details like drawer pull and inlays add to their beauty. Find just the right unique pieces to complete your home, whether you are looking for a bedroom dresser or a little something to spruce up the living room.

    Kids' dressers provide much-needed storage in kids' bedrooms. They tend to have more compact dimensions than adult-sized versions, but the generous drawers offer ample space for clothes, toys, books, and more. Dressers for children's bedrooms also come in designs that kids will love, with colorful finishes and fun drawer pulls in the shapes of animals, stars, flowers, and more. Cut down on clutter and give your child's room a playful touch with a new dresser from Etsy.